Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers

Environmentally conscious people are naturally concerned about the environmental impact surrounding the use of real Christmas trees. How does the farming of these trees affect the natural environment? Christmas tree farming has come a very long way since the days when trees came out of the forest. Today's Christmas tree farms produce a sustained yield of trees grown in rows on farmland throughout the United States, especially in Oregon which is the leading producer worldwide.

The Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers was formed in Oregon in 2007 for the purpose of certifying the environmental practices of Christmas tree farms through a rigorous auditing process. On site farm inspections are conducted by an established independent auditing firm, The Freer Consulting Co. of Seattle, WA. The goal is to convey to the public the actual environmental conditions surrounding the farming of real Christmas trees.

This Coalition group of Christmas tree growers agrees to farm using methods that are conscious of the environment, and to submit their farms to an ongoing series of independent physical audits that verify compliance with strict certification program standards. Certifying their farms is the grower’s way of communicating with the public in such a way that the consumer can know with confidence that the Christmas tree they are buying for their home was grown in an environmentally friendly manner. Look for the certified tag on Christmas trees grown by Coalition farm members at your local area Christmas tree retailer or tree lot.
"Our customers understand how valuable it is to offer their customers certified grown Christmas trees and are excited about the ensuing publicity the Coalition generates for them."
Greg Rondeau
"I think it's time for the Christmas tree industry to treat our trees as the eco-friendly consumer product that they really are."
Joe Sharp

"The Coalition is a great opportunity for us to receive economic benefits from the earth-friendly things we've been doing for years."
Jim Heater

"The Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers conveys to consumers the real environmental benefits of Christmas tree farming in an effective way that is both credible and verifiable."
Mark Rohlfs
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